Compassion for the Evolving World

Are we entering a frightening time based on what is currently happening in the world? Could it be that we are constantly fed through media with negative news and we seldom get to hear about the good things? Could we sense in our heart the progress towards a loving world at the same time as we hold compassion and provide support for the people that […]

Open Your Heart in Difficult Times

Should we put our spiritual practice aside and reside inside a shell of pain when we encounter difficult times? Could it be that sometimes difficulties in our life occurs to show us that something is not working any longer and we need to change our approach to life? Could it even be that the challenges we encountering gives us a wake-up call to dwell into […]

Science and Spirituality Work Together in the True Self

Is Science opposed to Spirituality? Has the world of incredible scientific discoveries, and the explosion of computers, smart phones, amazing apps and the like become the new religion? Do we believe science and medicine will handle every conceivable need and philosophical issue? As a physics and chemistry research scientist and a spiritual teacher, I can see both sides. I believe that science and spirituality can […]