Compassion for the Evolving World

Are we entering a frightening time based on what is currently happening in the world? Could it be that we are constantly fed through media with negative news and we seldom get to hear about the good things? Could we sense in our heart the progress towards a loving world at the same time as we hold compassion and provide support for the people that encounter difficulties?

We have all heard about the massive amount of refuges crossing the boarders from Syria and Irak due to the Islamic terrorism groups, the Ebola epidemic catastrophe in Africa and the challenges about the conflict in Ukraine. Clearly in the world today we have many people in serious distress.

I have often thought about the enormous progress the world has gone through since WMII. I grow up in Sweden during the cold war where Sovjetunion was our neighbor across the Baltic Sea. We usually had monthly exercises to practice how to enter the shelter in apartment complex case there was a nuclear attack. Now there is no longer the need for such exercises. I also recall going on bicycle trips in Europe where we crossed the Iron Curtain and had to cycle over a 1 mile long no-man’s land with watch towers equipped with machine guns. We discussed among us that here we are in the most dangerous place on earth with the highest concentration of tactical nuclear weapons where a holocaust could start at any moment. A few years ago I took the train from Germany to Eastern Europe and I didn’t even need to show my passport since the countries are also nowadays members of the European Union. These days it is very popular for the young generation to go on backpacking trips in South East Asia that was completely impossible when I was young since the continent was raging with wars. Similarly we often heard about the torture and serious dictatorships in many Latin-American countries but several of them today are democracies. The most-scary picture pointed out a half century ago was that the poverty in Asia would get so much worse in the future that it could overrun the world. Instead the Asian miracle all over the continent has lead to an enormous progress and poverty in countries like India and Bangladesh is only half what it was a few decades ago.

We have to realize that the world is progressing constantly towards a better place for many people. It is a dance with two steps forward and one step backwards. The problem is that we only get to hear about the backward steps since the media usually only feed us with negative news. What is important for each of us is that we become aware that the world is getting better.

Based on the teachings in The Gentle Way of the Heart we should all have compassion within with all of the world and where we feel that more people than ever have their basics covered in their life such as food, shelter and safety. We have no reason to activate our false self and become fearful about the world making us unhappy. Instead we should hold within our awareness that the world is coming more together step-by-step every day. Modern technologies such as the Internet are bringing people closer all the time. I often have the vision that in future the European Union would spread further and one day become the Global Union of the world where no violent conflicts would no longer exists and we would instead have disagreements like in small family quarrels.

I write in The Gentle Way of the Heart that as we become more and more of our true self we will feel the interconnection between all people in the world. At the same time we hold the compassion for the people in distress and make our contribution to send aid or affect our political leaders to take action to provide the necessary help we also know the tremendous progress that have occurred. What is important is that we only use minimum amount of violence that is absolutely necessary and act not to discriminate nor see anyone as bad people. We should seek the true selves in others and realize that they might not fully understand what they are doing. We align with the light in their hearts but don’t agree with their actions. They are operating under their false self.

We know within our hearts that a future is out there where the world dance is making longer and longer steps forward and smaller and smaller steps backward. The world is evolving towards a loving place for all people and each of us is making our unique contribution such this dance is going in the right direction.

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