The Gentle Way of the Heart

Now available on Amazon.

Now available on Amazon.

In The Gentle Way of the Heart, scientist Anders Nilsson presents a perspective on how to navigate life guided by the heart. He believes that deep within us a spark of God lives. And, from that spark, Divine Light has the potential to fill our hearts. The challenge is to stay connected to this source of vitality and transformation in the hurried and challenging circumstances of modern life.

In The Gentle Way of the Heart, Nilsson provides unique insights, exercises and meditations to launch you on a great spiritual adventure. The Gentle Way is a spiritual path for regaining a sense of who you are at a deep level. Follow its practices outlined in this book and dissolve your false self, and allow your true self to blossom. The newfound light within will dispel your day-to-day fears.

A scientist who has a deep conviction of the dance of spirit in the physical universe, Nilsson shows how to create a personally unique and fulfilling life when you live moment-by-moment without expectations or fear. Read The Gentle Way of the Heart and learn how to expand your authentic, gentle, kind self from which a perspective of heart-felt acceptance and forgiveness grows. Enjoy the rewards of more harmony and love in your life.

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Nominations and awards


*Silver medalist in the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award 2015*

*Finalist US Best Book Awards 2014*


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